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Asked Qustions

Respectfully, report the accident to the nearest Police Station and come for claim form. In case you have an email, send it to us and we will forward the claim form to you to complete. If you have a workshop which you want to repair the vehicle, send the vehicle there and submit the repair estimate to us together with a copy of the driver's license. If not, we have an affiliated workshop which can repair the vehicle for you.

When your vehicle is involved in an accident, we will require you to submit a completed claim form, repair estimate and a copy of the driver's license. Sometimes a Police report will be required. We may ask a surveyor to inspect the vehicle and submit his report. After the claim has been adjusted with your involvement, we will issue you a discharge voucher to execute. When you submit the executed discharge voucher to us, within five working days, your cheque will be given to you. However, if the claim amount is two thousand (GH¢2,000.00)or less, we will send the money to your mobile wallet within one hour.

Drivers, driver's mate and vehicle owners, when they are in the vehicle and the vehicle is involved in an accident, they are not covered by the insurance policy. However, they will be proportionally be compensated based on the Personal Accident Limit on the policy which is normally GH¢5,000.00

We all need insurance in every aspect of our lives since everything we do is associated with risk. We can insure our lives, properties, events and many more.

The best option is to have a separate Personal Accident Insurance cover for yourself (and family) which will cover you throughout the 24 hours in a day and everywhere in Ghana

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